Services We Offer

Leopard Safari

"Sena Safari Camp" organizes every day Leopard Safari, more than 100 leopards in the range of Jawai, the leopard safari is very safe with an expert Safari Tracker (Guide), the leopard safari will be in open 4x4 jeep provided by Sena Safari. The vehicle is modified in such a way that one can have an incredible safari feeling and take pictures comfortably seated in the vehicle. In the Leopard area, we take care of all the guests, while we perform leopard safaris while maintaining the safety of the guests. During a safari on the way, you will pass through a small village that will give you a wonderful feeling of the culture and tradition of Rajasthan, famous throughout the world.

Bird-Watching @ Jawai

We try to see as many species of birds as possible. Our tracker (guides) will help you see many species of birds in Jawai. It is one of the largest varieties of birds observable in a particular area. Our list continues to grow as we discover from time to time. Take a walk in the fresh air near the lake while watching migratory birds and crocodiles. This walk will also give you an idea of the life of the migratory fishing community of JAWAI. The walking area is ideal for recreation and exercise with gradual slopes and long expanses of flat grass. Then we go to the farm where, depending on the season, we can observe the traditional techniques of agriculture and irrigation. At dusk, we went to the shore of the lake to finish our walk with a short cane to observe and appreciate the calm of the water and the sound of the birds that were resting.

Rajasthani Tribal-Life Safari

experience offered by Sena Safari Camp is a visit to see the Rebari breeders, their livestock and their unique ways of life in the villages. Great proud men, dressed in white with red turbans adorned with silver, herds of goats and cows to graze every day. The flocks that go home at nightfall are a magical moment where the animals bathe in a golden light and the sound of the horns fills the air. This has been described as "Gau Dhuli" or cow dust, which describes a time when the air is filled with moving feet of cattle dust. The exact origin of the inhabitants of Rebari is unknown. The Rabari, also known as Rewari or Desai, an Indian caste, are nomadic shepherds and drivers of camels and shepherds who live mainly in the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh in Gujarat. Traditionally, Rabari has adopted a very nomadic lifestyle, living in tents or under clear skies and feed the food of cattle, camels and goats.

Village Safari in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a state of great diversity. This is one of the best places to visit in the world where one can discover diversity in terms of time; Religions, language, culture and customs. Here in Jawai you can admire the valley, the river, the lake and the forests, the wild animals and the rare birds. In addition to the warm hospitality, we can see the local tribes and have the opportunity to see their way of life. The elegant and charming folk dances will leave your senses mesmerized.

Famous Temple Tour

JAWAI is hills of shrines and monuments. All events and festivities in this region are dedicated to religion. For centuries, the different communities of JAWAI have preserved their traditions and take pride in having preserved their customs. Each temple has a spiritual meaning and a legend is attributed to it. Such is the legend of Devgiri. There is a temple of 1000 years in the Sena village and the inhabitants of this village think that this temple has been manifested. JAWAI has its own little story. More than 300 temples and sanctuaries dot the landscape. The atmosphere will be calm of these temples, each with a different character, generating a positive energy.

School & College Student Special Safari

We arrange Special leopard safari for School & College Student but only student who are above the 15 year are eligible for our special school leopard safari, we take care of all risk and provide safe and secure leopard safari for student. if you are planning your school picnic then jawai is best for your picnic. and student enjoy the leopard safari and learn LESSON of life.